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Program Highlights

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  November 2nd November 3rd November 4th
8:00 - 9:00      Registration  
9:00 - 9:30          
   Opening Ceremony     LACEA/LAMES LACEA/LAMES
     Chair: Alejandro Hernández     II Invited Panels and Paired Lectures III Invited Panels and Paired Lectures
     Francisco Gil Díaz        
     Arturo Fernández        Panel: The Latin American Economies:     Politics and Growth
          Prospects and Challenges      Chair: Antonio Merlo
             Chair: Jose Antonio Ocampo      Daron Acemoglu
  LACEA/LAMES          Guillermo Calvo      Torsten Persson
  I Invited Panels and Paired Lectures          Agustín Carstens  
             Guillermo Perry     Panel: Poverty Alleviation
     Economic Theory           Chair: Miguel Székely
       Chair: Salvador Barberá        Microeconometrics      Orazio Attanasio
       Andrew Postlewaite          Chair: Richard Blundell      Paul Schultz
       Xavier Vives   9:00 - 10:30      Manuel Arellano  
             Guido Imbens    Financial Econometrics
     Panel: Foreign Banks in Emerging Countries (IADB)            Chair: Yuichi Kitamura
       Chair: Guillermo Ortiz (TBC)        Development Economics      Yacine Aït-Sahalia
9:45 - 11:15      Enrica Detragiache          Chair: Daniel Heyman      Torben Andersen
       Ralph de Hass          Robert Townsend  
       Andrew Powell          Abhijit Banerjee    Globalization and Growth
       Discussant: Rafael Repullo            Chair: Federico Sturzenegger
         Microeconomic Theory      Ricardo Hausmann
     Lecture in Honor of  A. Hircshman       Chair: David K. Levine      Aaron Tornell
     Chair: Nora Lustig      Alejandro Manelli  
     Jeffrey Sachs      Aloisio Araujo  
     Econometric Theory      
       Chair: Manuel Arellano        
       Joel Horowitz  
       Yuichi Kitamura   11:00 - 12:15    
11:45 - 13:00     Contributed Sessions Contributed Sessions
Contributed Sessions      
    12:30 - 13:30    
    LACEA Plenary Lecture LACEA Plenary Lecture
     Chair: Eduardo Engel      Chair: Andrés Neumeyer
13:15 - 14:15        Jean Tirole      Hugo Hopenhayn 
LACEA Plenary Lecture      
     Chair: Klaus Schmidt      
     Lawrence Kotlikoff   LAMES Presidential Address LAMES Plenary Lecture
         Chair: Andreu Mas-Colell      Chair: Ronald Fischer
       Richard Blundell        Preston McAfee
LAMES Plenary Lecture      
     Chair: José Scheinkman  
     Andreu Mas-Colell   13:45 - 15:00    
14:30 - 15:45     Contributed Sessions Contributed Sessions
Contributed Sessions      
  Invited Panels and Paired Lectures Invited Panels and Paired Lectures
  LACEA/LAMES        Panel: Informal Labor Markets    Game Theory
  Invited Panels and Paired Lectures          Sebastian Galiani      Chair: Ennio Stacchetti
             William Maloney      Eddie Dekel
     Political Economy          José Scheinkman      Drew Fudenberg
       Chair: James Robinson        
       Allan Drazen        Experimental Economics    Simonsen Lecture
       Antonio Merlo          Chair: Federico Echenique      Chair: Aloisio Araujo
             David Levine      Juan Pablo Nicolini
     Panel: Health Interventions          Thomas Palfrey      Carlos Urrutia
       Chair: Máximo Torero   15:30 - 17:00    
16:15 - 17:45      Jere Behrman        Panel: Living with Debt - Or How to Limit     Migration
       Paul Gertler          the Risks of Sovereign Finance? (IADB)      Chair: Gordon Hanson
             Chair: Guillermo Calvo      Kaivan Munshi
  Panel:State Reform: What's New, What's Next? (IADB)          Ugo Panizza      Mark Rosenzweig
       Chair: Guillermo Perry          Panelists: Randall Kroszner     
       Francis Fukuyama                          Jean Tirole  
                             Pablo Guidotti     Panel: Twelve Years After the Mexican 
     Panel: IMF Regional Economic Outlook                     Crisis: What Have we Learned?
       Chair: Ilan Goldfajn        Innovation and Growth      Chair: Jaime Serra
       Anoop Singh          Chair: Nancy Stokey      Timothy Kehoe
       Discusants: Mauricio Cárdenas          Michele Boldrin      Enrique Mendoza
                          Alejandro Werner          Boyan Jovanovic  
             Panel: Pension Systems in LA     Premio Diaz Alejandro
             Chair: Agustín Vidal de Aragón      Chair: Andrés Velasco
             Mario Gabriel Budebo  
             Mario Marcel  
             Juan Yermo  
             Adolfo Albo  
18:00 - 19:00  
LACEA/LAMES   17:30 - 18:30    
Keynote Lecture   Visit and Guided Tour LACEA/LAMES
     Chair: Juan Pablo Nicolini   Interactive Museum of Economics Keynote Lecture
     Gary Becker (MIDE)  
         Roger Myerson
18:45 - 20:00    
LACEA/LAMES Book Presentation
Keynote Lecture      José de Gregorio
     Chair: Arturo Fernández      Discussant: Alejandro Hernández
     Robert Lucas